Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have registered for the regional seminar being presented by the Great Leakes Region of the Embroiderers Guild of America. I hope to be taking the class shown here, which is entitled, The Perfect Forest, designed by Catherine Jordan. See more of here work here:

The brochure describes the class as follows:

Create a three-dimensional, layered “Perfect Forest” and rolling landscape so that some trees lie on top, others behind. This class explores planned thread removal with an emphasis on the re-weaving of side margins to make a perfectly finished edge to the opening. The class explores wrapping and weaving exposed weft threads to make trunks and a variety of raised embroidery techniques to give a wonderfully three-dimensional effect using over dyed fibers. Class time will also be spent custom-cutting and painting the acid-free foam core opening through which the forest is viewed and the trees multiplied when a mirror (not included) is mounted behind. (The piece must be worked on a scroll frame.)

I will be attending the seminar with another Fort Wayne guild member from Sunday, April 20th to Wednesday, April 23rd, and this is a 2-day class being offered. The event is being held in Madison, WI, a nice college town that I visited last Summer, while on my way to a wedding in Wisconsin. On the last day of my visit, we will be attending a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings or homes. Should be great fun in the Springtime!


Cindy said...

Perfect Forest is such a pretty piece! I saw the stitched model in Chicago last fall, and it was wonderful :) I already had 2 stitching events on the calendar for this year, so I had to pass on going to the regional seminar. Looking forward to seeing you work through this one!

Stash Queen said...

I am stretching on thbis one and am sure to enjy it!