Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The deer are hungry ...

These two photos make up a panaramic view of my backyard. The small black dots are all deer. They must all be in the field looking for bits of food. There must have been about 30 deer!

Moving to Fort Wayne ...

Now that I am working as a municipal attorney for the City of Fort Wayne, Doug and I will be moving to Fort Wayne. We found this lovely home, in an area convenient to work, that we will be moving to in about 2 months.

On the move ...

This is the shed where Doug will live!

This picture depicts the front of a mail art I did for an international exchange. Of course, the "theme" was "patriotic" so I used a few motifs and stitches from favorite charts to come up with an envelope that would represent colors in the U.S. flag. Hope my partner likes it!

Patriotic Mail Art - Back

I wanted to make the back look a little interesting, too, so I added a charm and some couched grosgrain ribbon.

Wintery Wreath

Winter finally arrived this week. It started snowing Monday evening and continued throughout Tuesday. I was unable to get to work but, as it turns out, my office was closed for the "snow emergency" at about noon. I was grateful to be home and safe. The wind was fierce all night long and there is an incredible amount of drifting. There has not been a plow down our road at all nor have any cars passed. This picture is the wreath on my front door.