Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is the lovely snowfall we woke up to this morning. It's pretty, especially if you do not have to drive in it!


Lelia said...

GF, you are so lucky. We got dumped with stuff -- yes, I mean dumped. After all that ... the wind whipped it up & started drifting.

At 3:30am, I walked the dogs & the snow plows were clearing our road. I was grateful. I'm thinking their job must be thankless!!!

Lelia said...

Jan 1st: Morning CiCi -- Happy New Year : )

We have another 6-7" and I see more flurries in the air. Oh joy.

We stayed in for a big Paella meal & walked outside on our property. The snow was fabulous [b/c we were walking and not driving].

Looking forward to your M.Garry freebies. I didn't do the 'tea' one, yet.

Always, L.