Monday, August 07, 2006

Skylar's Tooth Fairy Pillow

This is my latest embroidery finish. It is a tooth fairy pillow for my niece, Skylar. Her bedroom is decorated with lavender, pink, and yellow colors, with curtains made from Disney fabric. I chose the embroidery design and Sklyar chose the colors for the design. Every time I see her she reminds to me I have to get her fairy pillow finished. She is 5 now and probably has some loose teeth already!

I made the finished pillow look sort of like a purse with the ruffled ribbon at the top of the pillow, although it is not open at the top. There is a pocket on the back of the pillow to put the baby tooth and for the tooth fairy the leave the $$.


Gina E. said...

This is soooo cute! All I had when I was a kid losing teeth (in the 1950's) was a glass of water by my bed :-(

Lelia said...

CiCi - this came out so nice. Did Skylar enjoy receiving it? It is too darn cute.

Stash Queen said...

Yes - Skyler (whose name I have been mis-spelling all of her life, I have been informed by my sister, her mother), loved it. I sent it home with her mother after a visit and Sklyer said she planned to take it with her on their next vacation. They were headed out to Aruba the next day. They came back yesterday and I was re-assued that the pillow did not go with them and it is safely hanging in her room, safely waiting for the first lost tooth!