Monday, October 27, 2008

One of my co-workers, Ted Nitza, is spending a year with his family in Garborone, Botswana, while Ted's wife completes a Fulbright scholarship program. Recently, Ted came back to the US for a visit and presented me with a lovely crocheted mat, which I have displayed in my office. It was crocheted by the woman in this picture, Esther. She crochets and sells enough of her work to support her family, which includes her son, Neva, who is also shown in the picture. Ted knew I would espcailly appreciate her handwork because of my interest in needlework. It was a very special gift that I will cherish.

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Lelia said...

cici: update your blog!!! I wanna see your Eileen Bennett picture : )

Enjoy your week-end