Sunday, September 07, 2008

Louisville Trip

The EGA's 50th year was celebrated in style, as heralded by this elegant musician, who played while the attendees entered the opening banquet!

The below picture shows the 4 lovely Fort Wayne EGA ladies (Sarah, Sue, Joyce, and Cici), who celebrated Sarah's "29th" birthday at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY, the home of the EGA's National Seminar, September of 2008.

I was lucky enough to attend for four days, during which I took two classes. The Saturday-Sunday class was a beaded watch called, "It's About Time". I was able to finish the watch during the two day class, all because of the talented instruction of the teacher, Deanna Powell. Below is a picture of my watch in progress and of Deanna helping me with the beading.

The Monday-Tuesday class was taught by Canadian designer, Deanna Bartell and you can see my progress on "Molly's Mouse below. I loved the class as it was on stump work, a technique I knew little about and found it to be very interesting and fun.

This is the end of the story - Cici at Linn's Paradise Cafe - funky restaurant with great food and fun gifts!

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Justin said...

Can we get that guy for our wedding? Looks like it was a fun weekend!