Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Janice Love Class

I recently attended the Indianapolis EGA's Spring retreat at McCormick's Creek State Park, where Janice Love had been hired to teach a hardanger project. This was Janice's swan song - her last teaching engagement of her career. As many know, Janice has been teaching for a long time and she authored what many consider to be the bibles of hardanger, Basics and Beyond and Fundamentals Made Fancy. And there I am - sitting next to her, learning how to make perfect picots!


Justin said...

What is a picot?

Stash Queen said...

A picot is a loop, made on the side of wrapped bar, which adds a lacey effect to the fabric.

Lelia said...

So, how did you do? Did you improve the picot?? I think they are tough! HARDanger.

btw, will I see you at the La D Da workshop in June? I hope so : )