Thursday, October 05, 2006

Linda's Stockings

Sometime in 2005, I visited my hometown of Doylestown, PA, and met Donna's friend, Linda. I had some finished needlework items with me and showed them off at an evening stitch in hosted by Donna's neighbor. Linda was one of the attendees and, after looking at some of my work, she asked if I would finish her cross stitched stockings. Although I had not finished a stocking, I was interested, especially since Linda said she had a good idea of how she wanted the stockings to be finished. Later she showed me a sample of how she wanted the stockings to look and we set out to find some lovely cotton velveteen for the backing and binding. We found the perfect weight and color at a local fabric store and the picture at left shows the finished results. Once they were completed, I mailed them to Linda and held my breath until she told me they'd arrived. I love the way they turned out!


Nela said...

Felicidades Cici estan muy lindas, recibiste las direcciones? te sirvieron?

Stash Queen said...

Nela - yes I received the lists of finisihng sites and had a lot of fun viewing them! Thanks!